Stop fighting your own equipment! So many golfers use clubs off the rack that don't make sense for their individual swing or physical build. We can do better.

The Characteristics of Fitting 
Fittings are used to analyze the dynamics of how the club behaves to find the best possible match for your individual swing. A fitting for new clubs includes:  

  • Match the correct length for your height 
  • Correct lie angle in relation to your posture 
  • Correct loft for your ball flight 
  • Correct flex for your swing speed 
  • Correct grip size for your hand size 
  • Correct set composition 


    The Process of Getting a Custom Fitting 
    A full service of custom fittings are available from your putter to your driver. We can do an adjustment on a certain club or a personal fitting of your entire set. Types of fittings are:

    • Retrofit existing clubs 
    • Match existing clubs to new purchases 
    • Static fitting for irons 
    • Flight fitting for woods/hybrids 
    • Set composition for wedge fit 
    • Weight fitting for putters (custom)

    custom club fitting prices

      Woods, Wedges & Putter Fitting (30 min): $75

    Full Set of Irons (1 hr): $140

    Complete Fitting (2 hr): $280