Foundations 101 & Foundations Series


Foundations 101

If you think the fairway is just a place to pick up groceries and don’t know the difference between a bunker and a bogey, sign up for Five Iron Foundations and start to learn what golf is all about!

Available to book on the first Sunday of every month from 8:30-10am, these 90-minute classes will be taught by one of our golf pros, who will introduce you to a variety of topics, including:

  • How the game is played and how to keep score
  • The difference in the equipment and how each club is used
  • What to do and say when you show up to the golf course and what to wear
  • Key terminology and how to sound more like a golfer
  • The basics on how to swing the club and hit the ball
  • How to practice and improve (especially in NYC)

Golf can seem intimidating, but we're on a mission to make the game more fun and show that it isn’t that hard to learn! Show up with a positive attitude, plan to learn about a game you can play for a lifetime, and expect to hit some balls forward and completely miss others - it’s all good!

The first 45 minutes will include a classroom-like setting with demonstrations from the pro. The last 45 minutes will allow for students to get a club in their hand and start to hit the ball. We recommend that beginners take one Five Iron Foundations class and then think about practicing individually or taking individual or small group lessons going forward.

Student-instructor ratio is 5:1.

When: The first Sunday of every month

Cost: $50

This is a true introductory class and is designed to be taken once.

Foundations Series

Already been to Foundations 101? Played a few times, but still consider yourself a total beginner? Great! Sign up for this three-week package of 90-minute sessions in which we will be covering a variety of foundational topics.

During Week 1, we will cover the short game and some basic fundamentals of the grip, the set-up, how to aim properly, and getting on the same page about some golf terminology.

In Week 2, we will work on the full swing technique, learning how to hit iron shots from the ground as well as driver shots from the tee.

Finally, Week 3’s session will cover course management and proper playing etiquette. Students will have a chance to play with the pro in a life-like game setting, encounter a variety of situations, and put what they have learned the previous two weeks to the test!

Student-instructor ratio is 5:1.

When: The second, third, and fourth Sunday of every month 

Cost: $200

This series is meant to be taken by those who already know the information covered in Foundations 101.