+ Does my junior need experience in golf?

No! No idea what a golf club is? No problem. We’ve designed the program with low student:instructor ratio and a flexible teaching program to accommodate players of all levels in a comfortable, non-intimidating, and fun environment.

+ What if my junior has played golf before?

Whether the experience is hitting balls on the range or competing in junior tournaments, the program will be instructional and challenging for everyone. On Chipping day, for example, while true novices might be on one simulator working on grip and basics, more advanced players could be learning lob shots, distance control, and various types of chips on another simulator.

+ How are the skill levels and ages grouped?

To the extent that it’s relevant to a session, players will be grouped by skill level.

+ Do you provide clubs for juniors?

Yes. We have a variety of new, USA Kids-certified clubs available to use during the sessions (at no additional cost). If you’re interested in purchasing a set, our trained professionals can do a custom fitting for your child and order the clubs through USA Kids or another preferred vendor.

+ What type of clubs do you recommend?

We recommend USA Kids golf clubs for beginners. For more advanced players, we recommend a custom fitting with one of our fitting professionals.

+ Do your pros and staff have experience with kids?

Yes, our teaching professionals are USA Kids-trained and certified. The rest of our staff has extensive experience teaching juniors as well, from camp counselors to junior tennis instructors.

+ Does Five Iron offer Summer Camps?

Yes. Coming Summer 2018 - stay tuned!

+ Do you do private lessons for juniors?

We do. Private Junior lessons are one hour long and $100/hour.

+ My daughter wants her birthday party to be at Five Iron. Can you guys do that?

Yes. Five Iron was built to host events, from birthday parties to corporate events. With ping pong, video games, TVs, and the simulators available (along with many other customizable options), Five Iron would love to host your junior's birthday party or other event.

+ Can I hang out while the clinic goes on?

Yes. With Five Iron’s open layout, kitchen, bar, and TVs, you’ll have no problem hanging out and entertaining yourself while your junior plays.

+ What if we miss a session?

While there is no makeup or refund policy, each session is unique. Juniors won’t feel as though they missed something in a previous session that is critical to a future session.