Golf League FAQS

Signing Up

When do new leagues start? 

New leagues start roughly every two months.


How do I sign up? 

We currently have a wait list for both our Flatiron and Financial District leagues. Please email to secure a spot on the wait list.

Playing Rules

How many people play each week?

Four players from each team play each week.


Do I play in the same simulator as my team? 

Sometimes. This varies depending on the format. You will either play the entire night with your teammates, or break up in some type of 2 v. 2 competition against the team you are playing.


What are the formats? 

The formats range from 4-person scrambles to 2 v. 2 alternate shot. We have stroke play formats as well as match play - we try to keep it fresh and exciting, with different formats each week.


How many players are on each team?

There is no hard cap on the number of players. Four players will play each week, but teams are typically 4-8 players in size.


Which tees do we play from? 

For the regular season, the standard tee is the blue/pro tee. Ladies play from the forward tees.


What’s the deal with putting - do we putt every hole out? 

We use a 10 foot “gimme” for everyone. Once you get your shot inside of 10 feet, whether it is a putt or a shot from the tee, the next shot is assumed “good” and you’re done with the hole. Putting certainly takes some getting used to, but everyone has to deal with the same quirkiness of putting on a simulator.


Is it handicap-adjusted? 

No. We currently offer just this one league.


What happens if the sim crashes mid round? 

Sigh. The sims are computers after all. Every once in awhile the sims run into issues. More often than not, we re-start the simulator and you team continues without missing a beat. We use pen and paper scorecards just in case your round is lost.


What if only 2 or 3 players show up?

Depending on the format, the commissioner will make a decision. We lean towards competition and fun, so we’ll try to make it work.


What happens if there is a sim mis-read? 

We’re on the honor system. The sims are accurate 99.9% of the time, but sometimes there is an obvious error. If there is an obvious system error, use a mulligan and re-hit the shot. If you’re on the fence with what to do, ask one of our staff. Otherwise, there are NO MULLIGANS ALLOWED!


What if our team can’t make our match?

We really try to avoid rescheduling. We’re extremely flexible regarding reserves and substitutes and if you’re struggling to find players for a certain week, we’ll try to help you out (let us know early if possible). While we’ll try to accommodate a re-schedule request, we can’t promise that we’ll be able to do this. Also, depending on the day and time, we’ll probably need to charge for the hours used for the makeup. 


We’re tied at the end of the match. What’s the tiebreaker?

There are no ties or half points! The tiebreaker will be a nail-biting closest to the pin competition. Each player from each team will hit a tee shot on a par 3 hole. The player with the single closest shot wins the point for his or her team.


What if our team is late? 

Most of the formats take less than 2 hours to complete, so we usually allot the first 15 minutes or so to warm-ups. If you’re later than that, you may lose a few holes or be scored a double bogey for the holes you don’t finish.


Who settles disputes? 

So far, so good. But, if there is the rare disputes between teams, the Five Iron staff is the judge and jury.



Other Stuff

What is the level of competition? 

While the league can become competitive at times, we encourage golfers of all levels to take part in the league. Based on our limited experience, everyone from a 5 handicap to someone who doesn't know what a handicap is has had fun. We do recommend at least a basic understanding of the game and how to work your way around a golf course to maximize your enjoyment. If you’re on the fence, give us a call and we’ll help you decide.


Are there awesome weekly prizes? 

Yes. Each week features some type of fun perk, whether it’s a closest to the pin contest or longest drive. The winner receives some type of prize, ranging from Five Iron gear to free beer and food.


How many teams make the playoffs? 

Twelve teams make the playoffs. The top two teams at the end of the regular season advance directly to the final four matches. The remaining ten teams play against each other for the other two spots in the final four matches. The two winning teams in the final four matches then play against each other in the championship match.


Is there an awesome finals watch party?

Yes. Everyone who participated in the league is welcome to come and watch the league finals. As a league-end party and a thank you to everyone for joining, there are usually beer and food specials and a bit of a party atmosphere.


Are clubs provided?

Yes. We have brand new, top of the line clubs. We have a variety of iron shaft options, including stiff, ladies', and lefty clubs. For drivers, we offer a variety of the latest season’s options. All of the clubs are free and included in your league fee. Feel free to bring your own clubs as well!


Are there real balls? 

Yes, we have everything from Pro V1 to distance and feel balls.


Are there awesome weekly beer and food specials? 

So we’ve heard...


Can we request a certain day or time slot before the league starts? 

Yes. We can’t promise that we’ll be able to accommodate your requests, but we generally do a good job. If you prefer the 9-11 time slot, just let us know. If you prefer Mondays over another day of the week, we’ll try to get you in on most Mondays.


When can I use my prize? 

Simulator time that is won during the league is subject to local holiday and golf event restrictions, this also applying for any event space prizes.