Golf Lesson

+ Brand New to Golf?

  • Learn the 'basics,' such as: aim, grip, and how the club should hit the ball.
  • Build a swing that works for you that will be easy to repeat and make more consistent.
  • Figure out how to use each type of club and try different shots on the 'course.'
  • Learn the do's and don'ts of how to act on a golf course (e.g. where to stand, what to say, etc.).

+ Already a Player?

  • Play a variety of games (we'll help get you set up), from 4-women scrambles to match play on the sims.
  • Build patterns in your ball flight and learn what it will take to increase distance and accuracy.
  • Take 15-minute mini-lessons with our golf Professionals.
  • Develop strategies that will translate to the course.
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+ Just Want to Socialize?

  • Enjoy a two-hour open bar with a great selection of wine & beer.
  • Hang out with friends or make some new ones.
  • Check out the range of hitting games available on each golf simulator.
  • Play some ping pong.